How to order your email psychic reading by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova :

Price for Clairvoyant reading :

Price for Clairvoyant reading :
Clairvoyant Health Diagnosis on Email – 35 Euro –


The price of Detailed/Full /Clairvoyant /Psychic Reading that include health diagnosis is 100 Euro

Clairvoyant Life reading on Email -100 Euro

Royal Clairvoyant Life Reading on Email – 200 Euro –
The Conditions for Clairvoyant life reading on email are below :
To all questions sent from my clients I answer:
you can find all conditions to order your clairvoyant/psychic reading (consultation).
Im working only Online-in Internet,I dont meet my clients personally. 
You can send the most actul photo of the person you are interested  on my 
 The payment for clairvoyant/psychic reading is 100 Euro-payed in advance through the Paypal button “Donate” on my web site. 
 After the payment,you must send actual photo (if possible made in the same day of the order)-you will receive the text of your psychic reading on your email, after that you can ask your additional questions On email: 
Please, do not send explanations or details in additional questions.
               Last Update – February 10, 2017

 Click on this button to order your  Full Clairvoyant/psychic reading is 100 euro – including Clairvoyant Health diagnosis and complete information about the life – the past and the future of the client.
After the payment send actual photo (if is possible made in the day of the order) on email
Тhis is accepted as donation (this must be noticed in the money transaction ). We accept the donation for building a well with healthy water. 
If clairvoyant mrs. Dimitrinka Staikova refuse to make a consultation to a person the donation will be back to the person without the tax of the transaction. The consultation can be refused only from the clairvoyant. 
The consultation is personal -only for the person who has made the payment . You may ask additional questions in the end of the consultation.
If the button “Donate” of Paypal doesn’t load properly in your browser – send 100 euro to paypal email:

The price of Detailed/Full /Clairvoyant /Psychic Reading that includes health diagnosis is 100 Euro


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