How to order clairvoyant/psychic reading to mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova

To all questions sent from my clients i answer:
That in my web site- you can find all conditions to order your clairvoyant/psychic reading (consultation).Im just updating my web site,so after a few minutes this text can be seen there.
Im working only Online-in Internet,i dont meet my clients personally,except online in skype.
There are few options:
1.You can send the most actul photo of the person you are interested in on my facebook-
-on my
-or my skype-dika.staikova
The payment for clairvoyant/psychic reading is 100 Euro-payed in advance through Western Union or the Paypal button “Donate” on my web site.
2.Or if you expressly mention in advance you can receive your clairvoyant/psychic reading as Ebook,published in Smashwords online book store-the prise for ebook psychic reading is 150 us.dollars.After you buy the ebook we will delete the file from Smashwords.
After the payment,you will receive the text of your psychic reading on your email,facebook or skype (as you choose).Then you can receive free10 minutes meeting on skype with mrs.Staikova where you can ask your additional questions.
The appointment of the meeting in skype can be made on my email,facebook or skype.
09.05.2014 Dimitrinka Staikova


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