Media Confirmation of Clairvoyant Prediction by Dimitrinka Staikova about-ISIS Leader Injured in Air Strike, Iraqi Officials Say

Abu Du’a-clairvoyant profile of the senior leader of the terrorist organization, al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI)-Author-skype clairvoyant mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna citty.Profile date-11.12.2013,2.10 pm,made using the photo from site-Rewards for justice of the Us States Department.You can contact skype clairvoyant mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova on skype -dika.staikova ,

Weak place-alcohol and liver.
He is owning a lot of hereditary diseases.If one year are spayed chemical fertilizers in the air he will cure all his glands.He already has sick eyes,throat and ears.Three women in three houses in his life-in his life will stay 2 women and five children.He is not interrested from women.He is not exacting to life and possessions-he likes friendship and loyalty.He is killing fast-he is not cruel-he is making his plans very precisely.Due to kidneys-forget fast.A lot of scars on its face will stay.He loves his mother a lot ,but he will be alone -without parents.
Abu Du’a-the first two children-they are bigger-will live abroad.His third child will inherite him.From the others could be taken DNA for checking.The other kids of two women will be found difficult and in the far future.He is born sailor,but he will travel mainly on air and land a lot.He loves fast cars and fast movement.
I see a place with the letter “M”:He will be captured with a trap with religious person near Syria- karmic bad number -23.
Two medical operation ahead-in a ROOM where a doctor is treating.These are the two places where you can capture him.There will be actions against him,but his friends will hide him..
The third moment is meeting on a table with people from the authority(people with power)
Media Confirmation -ISIS Leader Injured in Air Strike, Iraqi Officials Say
Nolan Feeney @NolanFeeney Nov. 9, 2014