Media Confirmation about Selena Gomez’s Bad health as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova

Media Confirmation about Selena Gomez’s Bad health as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova

Photo – May 2015
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Selena Gomez – Inflammation in the spine – it is painful from the neck to the waist. From the waist below  she has disease on the vertebrae – pus and cysts. The pain behind is in the neck – left, in the waist – right. She has formication on the both hips. A disease in the left kidney. She passed a hit on her head (under the top of the head ), strong headaches above the both eyes, but it is stronger on the right side and in the teeth. There are cysts on the left side of the thyroid gland, pains in the muscles of the hands. There is dysfunction of the both mammary glands. The acidity of the urine must be tested. Problems with diseases in the genitals. There is upcoming treatment and surgical interventions.
On the photo, she has pain in the right ovary. I see surgical intervention on the left side of the abdomen – down low. I see old scars on her left hip and hit left knee and left palm of the hand. The pains in the muscles are caused by disbalance of the glands : mammary and adrenal glands. The pains in the head are caused by the gonads and old falling. Pains in the muscles are started.
Except everything else, Selena Gomez suffers from allergy to the metals in her teeth. The pains in the head and the waist will be increasing.
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The Clairvoyant Health Diagnosis of Selena Gomez is published here October 14,2015
Media Confirmation :

Selena Gomez Takes a Break to Focus on Her Health: What That Means for Fans

Wed, Aug 31, 2016