Al-Qaeda,Boko Haram,As-Shabab-The secrets of the terrorists- Syria 2014-MIDDLE EAST PREDICTIONS By Dimitrinka Staikova

Al-Qaeda,Boko Haram,As-Shabab-The secrets of the terrorists- Syria 2014-MIDDLE EAST PREDICTIONS

By Dimitrinka Staikova-Ebook

Al-Qaida,Boko Haram,As-Shabab- The secrets of the terrorists- Syria 2014-MIDDLE EAST PREDICTIONS The terrorists-Heroes for one ,killers for others.Guides,leaders-they are the most wanted people all over the world.Who are they-you will find from from the clairvoyant/psychic profiles of mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova.In these profiles you will find about the best and the weakest places of the terrorists leaders-about their bussines,health,family and how they will be captured or killed. Why are they doing it? My answer will be in my next book-So the planet Earth must not have a history,not to learn that everything is repeating-radiation+technical progress=destroying of the world and then all starts from the begining-to the flint and fir e.The knowledge about the world,the information about the genes,about the history ,about the future,the universe,about the restless spirit of the terrorists and for the fire inside the earth. Chapter 1-Psychic profiles of the most wanted terrorists of the world-1.Ayman al-Zawahiri-al Qaida-Now he is hiding in a temple-mosque. 2.Abubakar Shekau-Where is hiding the leader of Boko Haram-Nigeria based terroristic organization? 3.Mokhtar Belmokhtar-Leader and founder of the “Signed -in-blood Battalion”-Now he is planning a new attack. 4.Information leading to the location of Yahya Abu el Hammam. 5.Abu Du’a-senior leader of Al qaida in Iraq(AQI). 6.Mullah Omar-His base is in the mountains ,situated near old diamond mine. 7.Hafiz Mohhamad Saeed-Where he is hiding? 8.Yasin al-Suri-Killer of the goverment in Syria with terroristic attacks in Turkey. 9.Muhsin al-Fadhli-senior leader and financier of al Qaeda-He will be hurt and abbandoned in a battle. Chapter two-Middle East predictions -Prediction about the future of Syria 2014,Ahmad Asi al-Jarba the leader of the syrian opposition. Clairvoyant/Psychic profiles of world leaders: -Bashar Assad Syria -Profile of Hassan Rouhani-The new president of Iran. -Psychic Profile of Vladimir Putin-the president of Russia. -Psychic profile of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud-king of Saudi Arabia. -Prediction about the attack of the us embassy in Lybia. -Confirmation of prediction -The room with Zarin is empty. -Israel-Iran through the look of ayatollah Ali Khamenei-Iran. CHAPTER three-Prediction about the funeral of Ariel Sharon-Israel.

Chapter 1-Secrets of the leaders of the most wanted terroristic organizations-Al-Qaida,Boko Haram,As-Shabab and others.Skype clairvoyant mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova is talking about their life,bussines,diseases,children,their current location or how they will be captured or killed.

CHAPTER TWO-MORE MIDDLE EAST PREDICTIONS-About the future of Syria 2014,more about the new president of Iran Hassan Rouhani,clairvoyant profile of the ayatollah of Iran Ali Khamenei.Clairvoyant profiles of the president of Syria-Bashar Assad for year 2013 and more psychic news.

CHAPTER THREE-Israel Predictions about the funeral of Ariel Sharon

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